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"Helping Youth & Single Mothers Achieve 

Intergenerational Economic Security"

The Two-Generations Program (TGP) is a results-oriented program that focuses on helping single headed households overcome poverty and achieve intergenerational economic 

security. TGP was established in 2017 and designed to meet the specific needs of women and girls that have the desire to obtain a higher education, start a new business, and those that are struggling with financial stability and home ownership.


Parents (Single Mothers) are actively involved throughout the program and attend workshops and course related field trips with their daughters. Mothers and daughters who are selected into the program will gain leadership skills, academic support, preparation for college, financial literacy, and build a stronger relationship with each other. Selected parents will also receive help with increasing their credit score, saving money, homeownership, and wealth accumulation. Savings accounts will be opened by participants with the selection of any bank. Selected mothers of the Two-Generation Program will determine a goal for their account and they will also determine how they will use the money saved. Grant funding will be available to match a percentage of the participant’s total savings.


Additionally, participants learn about the benefits and advantages of attending local Colleges and Universities located in Winston-Salem.

If you and your student would like to enhance your academic achievement and personal growth through a support network of school counselors, community leaders, and university professionals, apply to Honorable Youth’s Two-Generations Program.


Mother & Daughter


Contact us to get more information and to sign up for the program!

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